Concert for Olwyn & Ron Gale

The Bergen Institute

Some of Bergen’s most well-known musicians and poets are preparing an unforgettable evening of entertainment in aid of Olwyn and Ron Gale, who recently lost their home in a fire.

We’re delighted to announce that country music star Tim Hus will be among the performers, who will also include Melony GibbsGerald IngeveldRob HollandLaurie & Jamie SyerBryn ThiessenHarold WebberPat Gibbs, and Sally Banks. The inimitable Marilyn Halvorson will MC, as she has done so many times at the Bergen Hall.

Tickets are available now for this unique event, to be broadcast online for only three days, March 26-28. During that time, you can watch all or part of it as often as you like.

Tickets are $10 per household. To further support the Gales, we suggest you purchase tickets for all those at your place who will be watching the concert.

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