The Bergen News

The Bergen News is a monthly newspaper published for the benefit of the Bergen community, and our supporters and friends. The Bergen News is supported by the Bergen Institute for Agriculture and the Arts, and printed by Bergen Fine Print.

Many Bergen residents provide regular contributions to The Bergen News on a variety of topics such as community events and meetings, local flora and fauna, book reviews, recipes, astronomy, creative writing, politics, and editorials. Content is illustrated with black-and-white and colour photographs taken by our contributors.

Interested in reading the current issue? Contact Editor Laurie Syer. E-subscriptions are $15 annually. Or, hard-copy subscriptions are $20 annually. You can also buy current issues for $2 each at the Bergen Farmers’ Market, held weekly during the summer, with special markets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

To contribute to The Bergen News, contact Editor Laurie Syer.