Grizzly Bear Population: Report Released

The Summary of the 2018 Alberta Grizzly Bear Population Surveys is now available. Grizzly bears are listed among Alberta’s threatened species and surveys are conducted to monitor their numbers and locations as part of the Alberta Grizzly Bear Recovery Program.

Bergen falls in Bear Management Area 4, which includes the “7252 km2 area north of Highway 1 and south of Highway 11, between Banff National Park on the west to Highway 22 on the east.”

Based on surveys conducted in 2018, the area had an estimated population of 88 grizzly bears (which represent the 59 to 130 bears living here) and a density of 9.64 grizzlies per 1,000 km2. This indicates the population of grizzly bears in the area has doubled since the last survey in 2005.

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